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Salvage Hound Services
What do I get for my commission fee? - Salvage Hound covers all costs associated with the following:
Online Inventory - Salvage Hound operates as a data consolidation point for all of your salvage and surplus items. Any user within your company can review what is in the Salvage Hound pipeline. For transportation companies, this can serve as a last line of defense to match shortages. (See  for a first line of defense.)
Marketing - We research product and buyer characteristics in order to develop and execute successful marketing strategies for your products. Unlike conventional salvage providers, our marketing options are flexible, enabling us to get the highest possible price for each item we sell. We may utilize online auctions to sell individual items or we may seek one buyer for an entire lot. We may post items on industry specific bulletin boards, or hold a local auction. Whatever method we choose, it will be in compliance with your guidelines.
Transaction Processing and Consolidation - Salvage Hound handles all transactions and pays all associated processing fees out of our commission. At the end of each month, we send payment along with a detailed statement of all applicable transactions. You’re A/R department processes one check rather than hundreds.
Transportation - We do all paperwork and coordinate the transportation of the goods we sell. Shipping costs are paid out of our commission. If inventory is still at your facility, you will receive.
Discretion - In order to protect relationships you have with vendors and customers, our customers’ identities remain confidential at all times.
Optional Services - To make your life easier, we also offer the following services at an additional cost.
Re-branding – Re-label or re-package product to protect your or the manufacturer’s identity.
Warehousing – Salvage Hound has the ability to warehouse product at our secure facilities. Items at our locations remain visible in the same online inventory system as the rest of your products.
Pick and Pack – Slow moving or seasonal product can be shipped directly from our warehouses to your customers for a minor handling fee.
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